About Us

Who We Are

We love homes here at Wiggles Piggles and are strong believers that kids spaces should be a feature rather then an area that is hidden away.  Inspired by my own love of interiors and from observing constant struggles from both friends and family to find items for their kids that were both functional and stylish the seed for the store was planted. 

Completely burnt out by the corporate world I had been stuck in for over a decade, in early 2015 I was ready for a change and started browsing business’s for sale. I didn't really think think anything would come of it - until I stumbled upon a listing for a store called Wiggles Piggles. The Wiggles Piggles of that time stocked only wall decals and had been left dormant for around 12 months - not ideal but as I considered the potential of where the store could be taken I knew it was a huge opportunity.

Over the last four years Wiggles Piggles has evolved hugely from a wall decal specialist to stocking fantastic high quality brands from right across the globe.  From kids decor, toys, parties to mealtimes, our range is continually expanding to keep up with the latest trends in kids and nursery interiors. Every single item in the store is carefully handpicked and we are very proud to offer an eclectic mix of quality product to cater for all tastes. 

At the moment the team is small - myself, my husband John, our little boy Austin and our Golden Retriever Archie (although quite frankly his output is questionable!)  We may be small but we feel this gives un an edge in being about to provide you with personal service. You will always reach a person rather than an automated email - and we are always here to help.

To everyone that has jumped on the Wiggles Piggles train so far - thank you!  We wouldn't have been able to grow the way we have without you and you want to know the best part? I have never enjoyed my job so much.  

Zoe x