Hazel Village Reginald Fox in Shorts & Scarf

Meet Reginald the Fox, one of the lovely animal friends who lives in Hazel Village. Each animal is an absolutely keepsake and has their own unique story which will ignite little imaginations!

Reginald is a creature of habit: Every morning he tends his market garden. He has a shiny blue watering can, and a shiny red bucket for any slugs he finds. When he is done for the day he carries the slug bucket to the forest edge, and lets his slug friends go. After lunch, he rows his boat into the pond and drops anchor in a shady spot, where he naps and thinks about his novel.

  • Approx. 38cm tall
  • Made of organic cotton with polyfill stuffing
  • Hand washable
  • Clothing is removable
  • Designed in Brooklyn, NYC